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The Assessment & Testing Center offers many services for future and current students, as well as for community members.


Course Placement

Course placement can be achieved through a variety of means. Please visit our placement page for more information.

Compass Assessment

Many students achieve course placement by completing the Compass Assessment. Prospective students must:

  • Fill out an application for admission online.
  • Bring your Student ID number (SID) and a picture ID to the Testing Center(see the locations and hours listed below).

Time: untimed, plan to allow 1 to 1.5 hours to complete
Mode: computer based
Process: offered on a drop-in basis during all open hours at the main campus, offered by appointment only at the Kent and Enumclaw Campuses. 
Test Fee: $20.00

Note! You are encouraged to bring your own calculator as long as it meets ACT guidelines.

Out of area testing

Students seeking to complete the Compass for Green River College and currently not residing within driving distance may complete this form: COMPASS Remote Access, and return it following the instructions.


If you think your Compass placement scores do not accurately reflect your academic ability, you may retake Compass within the following guidelines:

Compass retakes are limited to one per quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sept, Oct-Dec)

Retakes not complying with these restrictions, including those taken at other institutions, will not be recorded or used for placement purposes

Retakes fees are $10 per section. Fees are non-refundable.

Compass Score requests

If you need a copy of your Compass scores please visit the Assessment and Testing center with a photo ID or complete this form and follow the instructions to return it.


The spelling test is required for entry into ENGL 108 - Medical Terminology. Students are given a list of 30 commonly misspelled words and must determine whether they are spelled correctly or incorrectly in 5 minutes. There are two versions - test A and test B; if students do not achieve the required score on test A they are immediately offered test B. Students must take tests A and B back to back, they are not allowed to leave and return later.

Time: timed, 5 minutes for each test
Mode: paper and pencil 

Process: offered on a drop-in basis during all open hours
Test Fee: $0
Administration Fee: $5.00


The Washington Mathmatics Assessment and Placement (WAMAP) is a Math Entrance Exam. Students should take the test for the math class they are attempting to enter. For example, if you wish to get into Math 072, take WAMAP for Math 072. Students are only allowed to tests for each math level once.

Time: untimed, roughly 1 to 1.5 hours
Mode: computer based

Process: offered on a drop-in basis during all open hours
Test Fee: $10.00

Advanced Preparation: students must complete the practice test online, for more information visit


You may take the GED® if you are age 19 or older. However, if you are 16 to 18 years of age, you may take the GED® if you bring an original, signed form from the district office in the school district where you live. This form is called “Request for Approval to Test for Certificate of Educational Competence.” You cannot take the GED® without this form if you are under age 19.

Exception for home-schooled students: If you are under age 19 and have been home-schooled, you must either obtain the "Request for Approval to Test" mentioned above, or you may choose to have your parent or guardian write a letter stating that you have completed a home-school program, and have this letter notarized. This letter will serve in place of the "Request for Approval to Test" form.

Preparing for the GED®

High School Equivalency preparation classes are offered at Green River each quarter for a $25 tuition charge. Classes help students to prepare and improve skills in reading and writing in the areas of literature, science, social studies, as well as math.

To sign up for preparation classes:

1. Fill out an application for admission online (the $20, non-refundable, application fee can be paid along with tuition)
2. Bring your Student ID number (SID) and a photo ID to RLC 125, hours vary, please call (253) 833-9111 ext. 2315 for more information
3. Complete the CASAS assessment - allow up to 2.5 hours
4. Sign up for preparation classes upon completion of the CASAS assessment, on a space available basis
5. Pay the $20 application fee and $25 tution charge

Registering for and Scheduling Testing

All testing registration, scheduling and score reporting will be managed through

  • Hours of testing:
    • Testing is generally offered Monday and Wednesday each week
    • Exact testing times are based on the subject selected and test center availability
  • Tests can be scheduled one subject at a time or multiple subjects back to back, based on availability
    • Mathematical Reasoning (120 minutes English & Spanish)
    • Reasoning through Language Arts (155 minutes English, 147 minutes Spanish)
    • Science (95 minutes English & Spanish)
    • Social Studies (95 minutes English & Spanish)
  • Payment must be made online, with a debit or credit card, to complete the scheduling process
    • Each subject costs $30, for a total of $120 for the full set
    • If you do not have a debit or credit card, please come to the testing center to purchase a payment voucher.
  • Testers who are 16, 17, or 18 years of age:
    • Obtain a "Request for Approval to Test" form from the last school attended or district office
    • Begin the registration process online
    • Submit the form to the testing center for processing
    • Complete the registration process and schedule tests

Getting Transcripts

All score transcripts are managed through

Testers who started January 2014 or later can log into their account to review scores and request transcripts.

If you tested prior to 2014 you will need to know approximately what year you earned your certificate - between 2002 and 2014 or prior to 2002. Follow the prompts to request transcripts.


Many Green River instructors arrange for students to take their tests in the Assessment & Testing Center rather than in the classroom.

If your instructor plans to use the Testing Center, he or she will let you know which day the testing will take place.

Steps to taking a classroom test

  • Please plan to arrive at the Testing Center with sufficient time to complete your test before the center closes. We will not give tests out 30 minutes prior to closing.
  • You must present picture ID to receive a test.
  • You must be prepared to provide the name of your instructor and the name of your class (i.e. Psychology 100).
  • If your test requires a scantron, please have your name, and course filled out in pen. Scantrons can be purchased at the Paper Tree Bookstore.

For a full list of things to know before you test, see our Student Instructions and Responsibilities

**Instructors: find Assessment & Testing on the gatornet for forms and information**

Other Tests

HESI Entrance Exam

The HESI Exam covers several subject areas neccesary for success in nursing programs. This exam is an application requirement for students interested in the Practical Nursing Program at Green River. The exam covers the following subjects: anatomy & physiology, biology, chemistry, grammar, math, reading comprehension, and vocabulary.

Time: up to 4 hours
Mode: computer based 

Process: offered on a drop-in basis during open hours - Monday thru Friday only (Monday thru Thursday only during summer hours of operation)
Test Fee: $32.00
Administration Fee: $15.00

Advanced Preparation: Students must set up an Evolve account before coming in to test. Please follow these instructions to set up your account and bring your username and password with you to test.

Nelson Denny

The Nelson Denny Reading Test is designed to measure students' vocabulary, comprehension and reading rate. This test is a requirement for entry into several Career and Technical Education programs.

Time: timed, roughly 1 hour
Mode: computer based
offered on a drop-in basis during all open hours
Test Fee: $10.00 
Administration Fee: $5.00

Non-Green River Testing

If you are in need of proctoring services, we may be the place for you! Please see our information below, or call 253-833-9111 x2650 for more information.

Proctoring Exams for Schools and Agencies

The Assessment & Testing Center at Green River offers proctoring services for individuals taking distance education or online courses through other institutions, as well as certifications and other employment tests for agencies.

Time: dependent on institution/agency requirements
Mode: dependent on institution/agency requirements
Process: offered on a drop-in basis during all open hours 
Administration Fee: $25.00 per test

Advanced Preparation: Test materials must be submitted by the institution/agency. Inquiries about setting up testing with Green River can be directed to or 253-833-9111 x2650.

TEAS V Testing

Some schools in the South Puget Sound area require the TEAS V test for admission into their nursing programs. If you are not able to test at the school for which you are applying, we may be able to proctor this exam for you.

Time: up to 4 hours
Mode: computer based 

Process: offered by request based on Testing Center schedule availability, call 253-833-9111 x2652 to inquire if we have an upcoming test date.

$25.00 - Proctoring Fee (payable to Green River Testing Center)
Additional fees are due online when registering for testing and must be paid with a credit or debit card.

Advanced Preparation: Students must have an ATI account. Go to to set one up and bring your username and password with you when you come to test

Hours of Operation

Please allow enough time to complete your exam or assessment in one sitting. COMPASS is the only assessment that can be continued at another time. **No exams can be started within 30 minutes of closing. Please reference the above tabs for more information on average exam lengths**

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