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InterviewEmployers can partner with Green River Community College to offer employment and internship opportunities to students, alumni and community members. They are invited to create a company profile and post positions through the website, and to participate in our regularly scheduled career and employment fairs, or join a professional technical program advisory board.

For questions regarding job postings, job fairs, student internships, and for information about other opportunities to get involved with GRCC, browse through the resources below, or contact Karen Brasch at (253) 833-9111, ext. 2553 or by e-mail at



The HireWorks Center requires that employers abide by the following guidelines:

  • Employers must have a current business license to recruit on campus or to post a job on website
  • Jobs must pay at least minimum wage ($9.04 per hour in the years 2011-12)
  • Employers MUST include a salary or salary range with your recruitment or posting. DOE alone will not be accepted.
  • Only local or regional jobs may be posted on our website
  • We require that you provide a safe environment for your employees
  • Employers must be an equal opportunity employer and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act

We do not accept the following jobs:

  • Multi-level marketing opportunities
  • Commission-only jobs
  • Opportunities that require fees for training or start-up, or that require the prospective employee to purchase products or equipment prior to earning a minimum wage
  • Jobs that are home-based or within one-person offices

Positions posted must comply with all federal and state affirmative action and equal employment opportunity regulations. We reserve the right to turn down any opportunity for valid reasons.

All internships must comply with the legal requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and we recommend that all internships be paid positions. If offering an unpaid internship, the position must pass a six-prong test set by the US Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division to be in compliance with federal law.

Right of refusal:

We reserve the right to refuse service if an organization has any unresolved investigations, complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, or for any other reason.

HireWorks can also provide assistance to people with disabilities and other unique employment situations, such as past incarceration, to help them address sensitive issues and uncertainties related to job applications, interviewing, and workplace accommodation. To learn more about the resources we have available, contact us at 253-833-9111 ext. 2550, or send us an e-mail.

Does HireWorks conduct job fairs or other on campus employment events?

The HireWorks Center coordinates and hosts two annual job fairs: The Health Care Job Fair, typically scheduled in late January or early February; and a Spring Employment Expo, scheduled in early April. Both events are held in the Lindbloom Student Center and invite current GRCC students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members to attend.

HireWorks staff is always open to discussing and considering additional on-campus employment events, and would be happy to visit with employers wishing to connect with GRCC students, alumni, or faculty.

For more information, to be added to our contact list, or to share your ideas for potential career/occupation-related events, for contact Karen Brasch by phone at 253-833-9111 ext. 2553, or by email at


How can I find out about providing Internships or Cooperative Education?

More than 100 GRCC students participate in credit-earning internships and cooperative education field experiences each quarter. For many, completing an internship is a requirement for their degrees.

These internship opportunities are not only valuable learning experiences for students, they also provide employers with a cost-effective method of training and recruiting high quality employees. Employers who’ve developed well-organized internship programs will tell you there is no better way to find outstanding new workers.

Each quarter, GRCC students seek internship/cooperative education opportunities in a wide variety of fields, including:

Accounting Drafting
Administrative Assisting Engineering
Art Forensic Technology
Autobody GIS
Automotive Technology Information Technology
Aviation Journalism
Business Accounting Legal Office Assisting
Business Education Medical Office Assisting
Business Management Natural Resources
Communications Occupational Therapy Assistant
Criminal Justice Physical Therapy Assistant
Court Reporting Welding

Employers are invited to offer internship opportunities in any field, as students in most programs of study have the option of participating in an internship for elective credit.

If you would like to offer or create an internship position for a GRCC student, contact Karen Brasch at 253-833-9111 ext. 2553, or by email at

Advisory Committee

The HireWorks Center Advisory Committee is comprised of GRCC faculty, students, and local employer representatives. It meets quarterly to discuss job search tools, services and resources, and to provide recommendations and guidance to the HireWorks staff to help it maintain a responsive and viable job search training center.
Current members include: Alan Carter, GRCC IT instructor; Jeff Perlot, GRCC business instructor; Victor Santoyo, GRCC student; William Fensch, GRCC student & veteran representative; Nick Towne, Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program (DVOP) Specialist; Keerti Oelke, Education & Outreach Coordinator, Shadow Lake Nature Preserve; and Jeff Melnyk, Fenix Insurance.