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Student of the Month

Koen Valks - The Netherlands

Sarah Lee

Koen Valks - The Netherlands

Koen Valks is from the Netherlands and came to Green River as a Gap Year student at the age of 17. He soon realized that it would be more beneficial to stay another year so he could gain enough credits to transfer to a university back home or in America. Koen is currently majoring in International Relations and transferring to American University in the fall of 2013. American University is a leader among Washington DC universities in global education.

Koen said, "I never intended to stay at Green River College, but I became a part of this campus as much as the campus became a part of me...Green River has had a huge impact on how I feel about life. I have learned many valuable life lessons here."

"I'm not a perfect 4.0 student, but I have an involvement that not many students can match," said Koen. "If you just focus on your studies and don't get involved you won't get as much out of your experience here." Koen is currently the President of European Student Union, International Student Ambassador (CLEO), member of the new Student Life Building Committee, and a member of a Tenure Committee. Last year he was a Student Marketing Assistant and blogged for International Programs. He was also involved in many community projects that benefited the school and surrounding area.

Koen came to Green River as a Fulbright student. He was given the choice of going to a school in Maine, California, or Washington. He chose the latter because he heard that Green River's international programs is extremely good and read about its great reputation from other Dutch students that have attended. (Read Remco's testimonial).

"If you want to make a difference, this is the right place to be." said Koen.

European Student Union

Koen Volks (tallest student standing in the back row) is the president of the European Student Union.

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