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Important Information for our Students


Students enjoy the sunshine outside Salish Hall, one of Green River's new classroom buildings.

Dear Prospective Student,

Thank you for your interest in studying at Green River Community College

Information in this section assists your transition to Green River College. You will find information on important dates, GRCC activities program and dates you can meet with staff when they are in your country.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions... Looking forward to meeting you soon at GRCC!

Michael McIntyre
Educational Planner & Student Advisor
International Programs

Important Dates

Winter Quarter: December through March 2013
Classes end March 21, 2013
Spring Quarter: March through June 2013
Housing move-in date March 25, 2013
Orientation and testing begins March 26, 2013
Classes start April 1, 2013
Classes end June 14, 2013
Summer Quarter: June through August 2013
Housing move-in date June 17, 2013
Orientation and testing begins June 18, 2013
Classes start June 24, 2013
Classes end August 15, 2013
Fall Quarter: September through December 2013
Housing move-in date September 11 & 12, 2013
Orientation and testing begins September 13, 2013
Classes start September 23, 2013
Classes end December 13, 2013

Activities available for International Students

The higher education system in the USA believes there is more to college than attending classes, studying and taking exams. Much of what you learn in college comes from experiences outside the classroom. The College has a department called Student Life that organizes and promotes out of class activities.

There is something going on every day including the weekends, It is easy to get involved with other students who share your interests. The majority of the programs provide opportunities for high quality fun at a low cost. From your first day on campus to your last day on campus there is an activity or program for you.

Sports Clubs 50+ Arts Others
baseball chess drama student government
basketball dance choir student radio station
cross country European jazz choir intramurals
Cricket Mahjong Children's Theater skiing
golf honor society painting mountain biking
softball physics pottery pro sports events
soccer vietnamese dance leadership
tennis multicultural artist series student newspaper
volleyball travel art gallery fitness center
and more...

Green River Staff on the Road

Mark Blaisdell Mark Blaisdell
Indonesia, Hong Kong,
China: March 14-27
Wendy Stewart Wendy Stewart
Indonesia: March
Ross Jennings Ross Jennings
China: April

Important Contact Information

Info requests:
Business (payment):
Visa confirmation:
Pre registration:
Emergency: (253) 740-8422

Let us Know How We Can Help

We are committed to delivering outstanding personal service to our students. We need your help to continually improve. Please send me your comments and let us know how we can better serve you:

Call, e-mail or visit us on the Web at Web: Call Today! (253) 288-3300
Phone: (253) 288-3300
Fax: (253) 931-6346
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