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Staying in Touch

Staying in touch

GRCC has built a virtual organization that allows us to stay in touch with students and colleagues.

With a busy marketing team often on the road and students from over 40 countries, Green River College International Programs has built a virtual organization that allows us to stay in touch with students and colleagues. One of our priorities is making sure current students stay up to date on important campus announcements, such as upcoming events, safety information and news regarding university transfer. Here are some of the ways we communicate with our students:

  • Facebook - We update a Facebook page for students on a daily basis and all of our advisors have their own accounts to communicate with students. We also interact with prospective students on Facebook via our Incoming Students Page, where students can ask questions about the admissions process. In addition, we maintain an active international alumni network that allows us to keep in touch with our graduates, many of whom are currently attending four-year universities and who are always excited to connect with prospective students as well.
  • Blog - We post new articles written by staff and students on our blog each week. Examples of content include "The International Students' Guide to Surviving Finals
    ", and "The do's and don't of how to get an awesome letter of recommendation". We also share the personal stories of current students and alumni, such as this recent article written by Thuy Bui, an English major from Vietnam. Two current students from Indonesia also regularly blog about their experience at Green River.
  • Virtual advising - For current students, we also offer virtual advising to allow students to interact with advisors from the comfort of their own homes. We have also done personal statement advising using Skype and Google docs for real-time editing.
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