Foundation for Success – Mentoring Program

About this Program:

Foundation for Success (FFS) is a one-quarter program that helps students establish a strong learning foundation and enables them to transfer to top universities. This program is required for all incoming 16 & 17 year old academic students and now, beginning fall 2013, all new students enrolled in the Intensive English Language Program.

New students are supported by Peer Mentors and program staff in learning how to manage their academic and daily lives. Peer Mentors are experienced students who can speak with students from their own experience and also listen to student concerns. Having someone to trust right away helps ease the uncertainties of their new lives at college.

FFS offers young students and those adapting to a new culture and language that extra help that can make a difference between failure and success.

John Chi

John Chi - China
Peer Mentor

The Foundation for Success is a great program for first quarter International Students who want to get a jump-start on the exciting academic and cultural experiences here at GRCC. Your Peer Mentors will share their knowledge of the U.S. education system with you and help you become an active part of the Green River student body. I look forward to meeting with you in this coming fall quarter.

Read in Chinese.

Chau Ngoc Dao

Chau Ngoc Dao - Vietnam
2011 Foundation for Success Student

The Foundation for Success Program is great because it shows me, the brand new student, almost everything about this school. Moreover, I can make more friends and have a place I feel I belong to.

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Parent Testimonial

The Foundation for Success Program is a value-added service; it helps in providing leadership development.

Program Details and Cost:

  • Required for new IESL students and Academic students who are 16 & 17 years old - All first quarter IESL and underage academic International Students are enrolled in this one quarter program.
  • Regular Meetings with Mentors -
    Students will attend a weekly workshop with Peer Mentors and program staff to support their academic and social progress.
  • College Success Skills -
    Students will participate in weekly learning modules including: Student Life, Personal Health/Safety, Effective Decision Making, Time Management, Communication, Study Skills and more.
  • Cost - $100

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Foundation for Success Program. Here is a list of commonly asked questions about the program in your language:

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