Foundation for Success – Mentoring Program

About this Program:

Foundation for Success (FFS) program is required for all incoming academic students and all students enrolled in the Intensive English Language Program.

Foundation for Success is a one-quarter program that helps students establish a strong learning foundation and enables them to transfer to top universities. FFS offers students adapting to a new culture and language extra help that can make a difference between failure and success in their first quarter. Students in this program have many opportunities to develop and perfect their skills working alongside their Peer Mentors.

New students are supported by Peer Mentors and program staff in learning how to manage their academic and daily lives. Each student will be assigned to their own Peer Mentor who will be available to contact by text or email. Peer Mentors are experienced students who can speak with students from their own experience and also listen to student concerns. Having someone to trust right away helps ease the uncertainties of their new lives here at Green River.

Peer Mentors and Mentees

Marsella Jahya

Marsella Jahya - Indonesia
Peer Mentor
Program of Study: High School Completion Plus, Design and Applied Science

The Foundation for Success program helps students in searching for universities, registering for classes, learning about American culture and more. Peer Mentors are role models and friends to new students.

Dayoon Kim

Dayoon Kim - South Korea
Peer Mentor
Program of Study: Psychology

The FFS program has been a very helpful program to me in many ways. In the FFS program, we learn how to be responsible for assigned work. We have to attend all orientation sessions and scheduled meetings and need to finish our work on time. This program helps Peer Mentors build responsibility.

Duc Hong Le

Duc Hong Le - Vietnam
Peer Mentor
Program of Study: Aviation

FFS has helped me to become responsible for not only myself, but for others. The opportunity that the program gave me is to be exposed to a workplace where an individual has to catch up with time to get things done. Another helpful thing that I am learning is to communicate with other students. With every conversation, I have to think twice before I talk to my mentee so I can earn their respect and give them the most accurate information.

Nobuyuki Ueno

Nobuyuki Ueno - Japan
Peer Mentee
Program of Study: Business

I was a little nervous about living in the U.S. I talked with my Peer Mentor and was helped a lot. He gave a lot of advice to me.

Yao Liu

Yao Liu- China
Peer Mentee
Program of Study: Air Traffic Controller

When I took the FFS program, I thought it fun and useful. I learned about campus resources which were helpful to me for studying. Secondly, I thought my mentor was wonderful because she took us to some interesting places and an awesome restaurant. Even though I finished this program, my mentor still helps me when I ask her questions.

Program Details and Cost:

  • Required for all new International Students - All first quarter IESL and academic International Students are enrolled in this one quarter program.
  • Regular Meetings with Mentors -
    Students will attend weekly workshops with Peer Mentors and program staff. Mentors and students will meet an additional hour during each week to talk and go over issues important to the student. Additional activities including: US Culture; dining together; volunteering, cooking instruction; sporting activities and learning about driving safety also take place during their FFS quarter.
  • College Success Skills -
    Students will participate in weekly learning modules including: Personal Health/Safety, College Success, Major/Career Selection, College Transfer, Time Management, Clubs and Activities, Study Skills and more.
  • Cost - $100

Frequently Asked Questions

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