Important Information

By: Wendy Stewart, Dean of International Programs & Extended Learning

Green River Campus

Safety Improvements:
Green River Safety Officer at Campus Bus Stop; Cameras in Library

Green River is committed to insuring the safety of all our students. Here are a couple of recent initiatives that have improved safety for students.

A Green River uniformed Safety Officer is now stationed at the Bus Stop at the north side of campus in front of the library between 4:00pm -10:00pm. Many students living in host families or in apartments use this bus stop to come and go from campus. Also, students living in Campus Corner Apartments use this bus stop to get to and from local stores. The increased security staff presence at this bus stop in the afternoon/evening insures that this is a safe place for students to come and go from campus.

Surveillance cameras installed in the library during the summer have reduced potential theft. Fred Creek, Director of Campus Safety, reports that there have been no cases of theft reported in the library since classes begin. This shows that cameras can help to prevent crime. Therefore, the college is looking into installing additional cameras in high traffic locations in and around campus.

We are also reviewing our Campus Safety Ride program which provides transportation for students to and from Campus Corner Apartments, nearby apartments, home stays, the Library and local stores. Safety Rides are available from dusk (when the sun goes down) to 4:00 a.m.