Campus Life

Student Housing


There are advantages to living on campus:


It’s convenient!

Our goal is to make your experience as convenient as possible. Your living arrangements should not get in the way of what you have come to Green River to achieve…an education. Therefore:

  • Each apartment is fully furnished. Your furniture is in place when you arrive.
  • Your monthly rent includes all utilities, high-speed internet, cable TV, and a local phone plan. You no longer have to sort out a bill with your roommate, pay deposits for utilities, or get the cable TV or Internet hooked up when you arrive.
  • You are close to classrooms, the library, the fitness center, the bookstore and food services. You no longer have to wait in traffic or search for a parking spot.
  • You won’t have to search for roommates. If your roommate leaves, you are not responsible for finding a new roommate; that is the responsibility of the resident manager. 

It’s a strong community!

Living amongst your peers will give you an opportunity to reside in a dynamic learning environment. It is more than a place to eat and sleep—it’s a place to meet, live and interact with interesting people from interesting places; to listen to music, read books, write papers, and discuss assignments with classmates. Living at the Campus Corner Apartments provides you an opportunity to experience community, personal growth, and the development of special friendships. Being part of a living learning community will also allow you to:

  • Build strong friendships
  • Get involved in leadership activities
  • Participate in educational and social programs
  • Have easy access to campus resources and college-wide activities
  • Live in a safe and secure environment 

It’s a good value!

We understand all of the costs associated with attending college. Experience all the advantages of living on-campus at an affordable price.